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The Grassland Society of Southern Africa (GSSA) is involved and concerned with the science and practice of range and pasture management. This broad field involves primarily the use and conservation of natural resources. It encompasses applied fields such as livestock production, wildlife management, nature conservation, water catchment management and range and mine-dump rehabilitation. The disciplines include, amongst others, ecology, botany zoology, range and pasture science, animal science, soil science and genetics. This collection includes journal articles from the African Journal of Range and Forage Science as well as related articles and reports from throughout the Southern African region.

Grassland Society of Southern Africa
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Published: 2009
2009, Springer, 233 Spring Street, New York, USA, 418 pages, hardcover, ISBN 978-0-387-87491-3. Price €79.95
Published: 2010
2007, Oxford University Press, Great Clarendon Street, Oxford OX2 6DP, UK 336 pp, hardcover and softcover ISBN 978?0?19?857065?3 (hardcover), 978?0?19?857066?0 (softcover). Price £60 / £29.95
Published: 2005
Abstract A yearly global fire history is a prerequisite for quantifying the contribution of previous fires to the past and present global carbon budget. Vegetation fires can have both direct (combustion) and long-term indirect effects on the carbon...