Mineland Restoration

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Montana State University Bozeman
Mineland Restoration is required to mitigate unacceptable risks to human and ecological receptors caused by mining disturbances. This website presents case histories, educational materials, photo tours and links to sites that provide relevant content. Successful mineland restoration encompasses a wide range of expertise including engineering, soil science, hydrology, plant sciences, ecology, surveying, microbiology, geomorphology, wildlife biology, fisheries, historic preservation and many others. This website follows the same pattern of educational diversity by providing a broad spectrum of content. It is our intent to serve as a resource for Federal and State agencies, private consultants, industry professionals and the general public by providing comprehensive mineland restoration information. Implementation of cost effective, ecologically functional restoration projects founded on the best available science is our collective goal. Construction of this website was initiated in December 1999 with funding provided by the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Montana Department of Environmental Quality and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This partnership reflects the experience of Montana State University in disturbed land restoration and the shared priorities of all parties in promoting the implementation of effective mineland restoration projects.
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