Biodiversity of Rangelands

Rangelands span a variety of ecosystems including grasslands, savannas, sagebrush steppe, shrublands, tundra, mountain meadows and deserts. The variety of life and its processes on them (biodiversity) is important for moral, aestethic and economic reasons, as well as for the servicesbiodiversity provides to society. Rangeland biodiversity is constantly changing by reduction in habitat, land use changes, loss of species, global environmental change and invasion of non-native species. Range scientists and managers, in partnership with the livestock industry and environmental groups, are working to improve the understsnding of biodiversity so that the knowledge will be used to protect the vast rangelands of the world.
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University of Arizona

The Rangelands West collection includes articles, websites, reports, and multimedia resources focused on issues relevant to the Western U.S.  Also included are resources emanating from the 19 land-grant universitires that are members of the Rangelands Partnership and made available throught their respective state Rangelands websites.