ARS Watershed Research Center

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USDA Agricultural Research Service
Current research topics under investigation at NWRC include: hydrologic modeling of snow distribution, accumulation and melt; frozen-soil effects on infiltration, runoff and erosion; characterization and modeling of heat and water flux within the soil-plant-atmosphere system; spatial and temporal variability in streamflow and water quality parameters of temperature and sedimentation; variability and modeling of weather and climatic variables; wild and prescribed-fire impacts on vegetation, soil and water resources; invasive weed management; emergency-fire rehabilitation; rangeland restoration; remote sensing; and development of decision support tools and models for sustainable management of rangeland ecosystems. (Source: website)
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University of Arizona

The Rangelands West collection includes articles, websites, reports, and multimedia resources focused on issues relevant to the Western U.S.  Also included are resources emanating from the 19 land-grant universitires that are members of the Rangelands Partnership and made available throught their respective state Rangelands websites.