Effects of topsoil removal, seed transfer with plants material and moderate grazing on restoration of riparian fen grasslands

Rasran, L., K. Vogt, K. Jensen
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The effects of moderate grazing, topsoil removal and hay transfer on species diversity and abundance on a eutrophic fen grassland site in northern Germany of Schleswig’s-Holstein (54° 13’ N, 10° 01’ E) within the Eider Valley pasture landscape were examined. Vegetation monitoring spanned four growing seasons from 2002 to 2005 where species occurrence was designated as target species or dominant species and further assigned to five ecological groups. Groundwater and soil properties were also taken into consideration as one of the four blocks remained nearly inundated by the high water table. Soils nutrient analysis was conducted in addition to monitoring light conditions at a predetermined height. Soil seed bank samples were taken within all four blocks following the removal of topsoil and were analyzed over a period of one year for seedling emergence.
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Montana State University

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