Evaluating Livestock Grazing Use with Streambank Alteration Protocols: Challenges and Solutions

Heitke, J. D., R. C. Henderson, B. B. Roper, E. K. Archer
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The effect on streambank alteration measurements by observer and choices related to the protocol were evaluated. Streambank alteration was measured in 10 fall grazing allotments on USFS lands in western Montana in 2003 and 2004, representing varied grazing intensities, channel types, stream sizes and vegetation communities. Evaluations in 2003 focused on how training affected means and variability associated with two streambank alteration protocols. Eight seasonal employees with little experience estimated streambank alteration at each of 10 sites once before and once after training. The 2004 evaluation followed line of perennial vegetation, or greenline (GL) and followed two protocols: GL and GLP (greenline precise.) Seasonal employees and USFS employees with 5-30 years service observed sites.
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Montana State University

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