Response of a native perennial grass stand to disturbance in California's Coast Range Grassland.

Bartolome, J. W., J. S. Fehmi, R. D. Jackson, B. Allen-Diaz
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In this study, Bartolome et al. determined the effects of grazing California coastal grasslands at different times during the growing season. Four plant community types, 2 annual and 2 perennial, were present at the coastal grassland sites before the study began. The composition of perennial plant communities was affected by the presence and season of grazing, while annual plant communities were not affected by grazing. In perennial plant communities, perennial species generally increased in plots without grazing and individual species responses varied by grazing season. These results suggest that land managers working in the California coastal grasslands will need to research the appropriate grazing management strategy for each specific plant community before recommendations can be made to improve or maintain plant community composition.
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Montana State University

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