Vegetal change in the absence of livestock grazing, mountain brush zone, Utah

Austin, D. D., P. J. Urness, R. A. Riggs
Publication Year: 
Vegetal differences were compared in two adjacent canyons, one which had not been grazed since 1905, and the other which was heavily grazed through the 1930's, after which, grazing gradually decreased until 1957, when it was removed. Since 1935, in Red Butte Canyon, where livestock grazing had been excluded since 1905, vegetal changes were small, compared with those of Emigration Canyon, where heavy grazing continued into the 1930's, but was gradually phased out and discontinued in 1957. Large differences in vegetal cover between the 2 canyons reported in 1935 were mostly eliminated by 1983.
Montana State University

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