Practical Grazing Management Homestudy Course

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Roberts, B.
Alchin, B.
The Australian Rangeland Society
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Since 1983 the staff of the Land Use Study Centre have offered nation -wide homestudies, first in Soil Conservation, then in Effective Rural Groups and Fire Management, and more recently in Practical Landcare Techniques and Practical Grazing Management. The courses run continuously, with starting and finishing times determined by the participants. There are no prerequisites and no residential requirements. Assignments are of a practical problem-solving type on case-study land selected by the participant. Learning materials include a studybook, book of readings, textbook and videotapes. A Certificate of Completion is awarded to successful candidates. Learning packages are made available as stand -alone materials without assignments to independent learners.
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The Australian Rangeland Society 9th Biennial Conference
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Tuesday, September 24, 1996
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Conference Paper
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September 24-27, 1996 Port Augusta, South Australia ISSN 1323-6660
Australian Rangeland Society

Includes full-text resources emanating from a complete set of Australian Rangelands Society Proceedings, journal articles from The Rangelands Journal (published by CSIRO Publishing for the Australian Rangelands Society), videos and other resources abou the extensive rangelands of Australia.