Towards A Better Understanding Of Animal Nutrition In Pastoral South Australia

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Franklin-McEvoy, J.
Jolly, S.
The Australian Rangeland Society
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Rangeland pastures are characterised by considerable variability in forage quality and supply. Grasses have poor nutritive value in summer and autumn, with insufficient energy and protein to maintain animals, while the high fibre content lowers feed intake. Shrubs such as saltbush and bluebush generally contain insufficient energy for maintenance, and the high mineral content of the leaf material carries a risk of toxicity. Annual broadleaf plants are nutritious when growing, but any stubble is deficient in both energy and protein. Sub-optimal nutrition leads to poor lambing success, retarding the infusion of improved genetics.
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Australian Rangeland Society 14th Biennial Conference
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Sunday, September 3, 2006
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Conference Paper
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3 - 7 September, 2006 Renmark, South Australia ISSN 1323 660
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