V bar V Program

Tolleson, Doug
University of Arizona, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cooperative Extension
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The Encyclopedia Britannica defines range or rangeland as any extensive area of land that is occupied by native herbaceous or shrubby vegetation which is grazed by domestic or wild herbivores.” A simple statement but one packed with a lot of information if you think about it. At the University of Arizona’s 71,000 acre V Bar V Ranch, it is our job to think about it, rangeland that is. And to not just think about it but to study, manage, and educate others about rangeland as well. As scientists and educators working in the field of rangeland ecology and management, we are fortunate to have the V Bar V as our laboratory and classroom and we want to share that good fortune with you.
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University of Arizona

The Rangelands West collection includes articles, websites, reports, and multimedia resources focused on issues relevant to the Western U.S.  Also included are resources emanating from the 19 land-grant universitires that are members of the Rangelands Partnership and made available throught their respective state Rangelands websites.