Comments by the Pima Natural Resources Conservation District (PNRCD) on the Draft Environmental Impacts Statement for the proposed Sierrita Pipeline

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Coping, Cynthia P.
The Pima Natural Resources Conservation District
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In this comment letter submitted by the PNRCD, the author asserts that the draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) is incomplete to the extent that it does not provide adequate information on the project and its potential impacts and inappropriately rushes the permiting process. Coping also raises concerns of increased illegal immigration along the pipeline right of way. These and other criticisms are covered in detail in the pages following the introductory letter.
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Altar Valley Conservation Alliance

The Altar Valley Conservation Alliance is a collaborative conservation organization founded in 1995, and incorporated as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.  Just southwest of Tucson, Arizona, the Altar Valley comprises approximately 610,000 acres of Sonoran desert grassland, some of the most biologically rich and ecologically threatened biotic communities in the world. Private ranches work side by side with federal, state and local agencies to manage the valley, which is the largest unfragmented watershed in Pima County, outside of the Tohono O’odham Nation to the west. This collection is an archive of reports and other documents specific to Alliance activities.