Programa de Accion para la Especie: Lobo Gris Mexicana (Canis lupus baileyi)

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Secretaria de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (SEMARNAT)
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[English translation not available]  CONANP has developed a reintroduction plan for northern Mexico.  Naturalia, the NGO that CONANP has contracted to carry out reintroduction, has developed various protocols for use in reintroduction projects. Mexico has not established quantitative population objectives, nor are there rangewide population objectives or recovery, downlisting, or delisting criteria/objectives. As of late January 2010, Mexico had yet to commit to a specific date or area. The release has been delayed by process problems in Mexico and apparently by local stakeholder opposition. An employee of CONANP advised in late January that an as-yet undetermined number of wolves could be released as soon as mid-February or “later.” The release will occur in northern Sonora (ca. 60 mi south of the US border). The specific location has not been disclosed but Mexico advised the Department in 2009 that it would be as far south as possible in the northernmost release area. The release approach to be used is described in the CONANP reintroduction plan. It involves release from on-site acclimation pens. 
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University of Arizona

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