Effect of land use on the structure and diversity of riparian vegetation in the Duero river watershed in Michoaca´n, Mexico

Moise´s Me´ndez-Toribio
Isela Zermen ˜ o-Herna´ndez
Guillermo Ibarra-Manrı´quez
Centro de Investigaciones en Ecosistemas, UniversidadNacional Auto´noma de Me´xico
Publication Year: 
Riparian vegetation performs importantecosystem functions, since it maintains regionalbiodiversity and provides a range of environmentalservices. However, anthropogenic activity, land usetype, and edge effects are factors that modify theriparian species assemblage and properties. Thepresent study analyzes the influence of adjacent landuse on the structure and diversity of riparian vegeta-tion in four hydrographic regions that form thewatershed of the river Duero, in the state of Mich-oaca´n, Mexico.
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