Mongolian Rangelands & Resilience Project

The American Center for Mongolian Studies
The American Center for Mongolian Studies
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Mongolian rangelands and the pastoral systems that depend on them are at a potential tipping point. Some research reports widespread grazing- and climate-induced degradation, while other assessments find that Mongolian rangelands are resilient but at risk.  Herders observe changes in both climate and rangeland conditions, and rural poverty remains a persistent challenge.  New institutional innovations in rangeland assessment, monitoring and management offer reason for hope, but scientific evaluations of their process and outcomes are scarce. This trans-disciplinary scientific conference provides a venue for researchers from physical, biological and social sciences to share recent scientific advances in understanding the causes and consequences of rangeland social-ecological transformation in Mongolia, and emerging solutions to climate and socio-economic changes. Combining a variety of traditional and innovative interactive formats, this meeting facilitates dialog among diverse disciplines and across cultural, linguistic and national boundaries, to think creatively about the future of Mongolia’s rangeland social-ecological systems and the policies and practices needed to sustain them.
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Rangelands Partnership

Collection of articles, citations, reports, and other resources emanating from organizations working on rangeland management issues from around the world including articles from the Iranian Rangelands Journal