Sustainable Rangelands: Ecosystem Goods and Services

Breckenridge, Robert P.
Duke, Clifford
Fox, William E.
Heintz, H. Theodore
Hidinger, Lori
Kreuter, Urs P.
Maczko, Kristie
McCollum, Daniel W.
Mitchell, John E.
Tanaka, John
Wright, Tommy
Sustainable Rangelands Roundtable
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The Sustainable Rangelands Roundtable (SRR) recognizes the unique contributions rangeland resources make to the nation’s wellbeing. To communicate the importance of these commodity and amenity values, SRR participants developed this primer on rangeland ecosystem goods and services. It summarizes the history of the nation’s relationship with and reliance upon rangeland resources, as well as the evolution of SRR’s contribution to current concepts about advancing rangeland stewardship and conservation.
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Technical Report
University of Arizona

The Rangelands West collection includes articles, websites, reports, and multimedia resources focused on issues relevant to the Western U.S.  Also included are resources emanating from the 19 land-grant universitires that are members of the Rangelands Partnership and made available throught their respective state Rangelands websites.