Range condition surveys with an interval of 2 years

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C. Lendon
B. D. Foran
Australian Rangeland Society
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It has been said in the last few years that the management of rangelands must proceed through three stages:- (1) An inventory of the natural resources; (2) Determination of the successional stage of the vegetation resource (the range condition); (3) An assessment of the change in the condition of the natural resources attributable to management (the range trend). If one accepts the view that the only major manipulation open to rangeland managers wishing to improve their land lies in the adjustment of stock numbers, then in theory, stocking intensity must be altered flexibly according . . . . .
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1977 Australian Rangeland Society Biennial Conference
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Conference Paper
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It is recommended that papers in the conference proceedings be cited in the following manner: Bastin, G, Sparrow, A, Scarth, P., Gill, T. Barneston, J. and Staben G. (2015). Are we there yet? Tracking state and change in Australia's rangelands. In Proceedings of the 18th Biennial Conference of the Australian Rangeland Society, Alice Springs (Ed M.H. Friedel) [Australian Rangeland Society: Perth]
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