Sectoral emission inventories of greenhouse gases for 1990 on a per country basis as well as on 1°x1°

Olivier, J G J
Bouwman, A F
Berdowski, J J M
Veldt, C
Bloos, J P J
Visschedijk, A J H
van der Maas, C W M
Zandveld, P Y J
Environmental Science & Policy
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A set of global greenhouse gas emission inventories has been compiled per source category for the 1990 annual emissions of the direct greenhouse gases CO2, CH4 and N2O, as well as of the indirect greenhouse gases (ozone precursors) CO, NOx and NMVOC, and of SO2. The inventories are available by sector, both on a per country/region basis and on a 1°x1° grid. Developed by TNO and RIVM for constructing the Emission Database for Global Atmospheric Research (EDGAR) Version 2.0, in co-operation with the Global Emission Inventory Activity (GEIA) of IGAC/IGBP, the inventories meet the needs of both policy-makers and atmospheric modellers. The data sources for activity data, emission factors and grid maps are discussed with the focus on anthropogenic sources of primarily CO2, CH4 and N2O. The estimates of a standard group of anthropogenic sources are presented for each compound per world region.
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Environmental Science & Policy
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Journal Issue/Article
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