A model of savanna litter decomposition

Furniss, P R
Ferrar, P
Morris, J W
Bezuidenhout, J J
Ecological Modelling
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A model of litter decomposition in a South African savanna is described. Decomposing material is divided into a number of particle classes, distinguishing material of different ages, origins and size. Each particle class is further divided into a number of chemical constituents. Processes modelled include ageing, physical disintegration, consumption by termites and decay. Sources of fresh litter include tree and grass leaves. Results from a standard run of the model and a number of runs with changed parameter values to test the model's sensitivity to these are presented and discussed. From exercise of the model it appears that the most important processes relate to soil-feeding termites, with decay and physical breakdown being the background against which termites operate.
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Ecological Modelling
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Journal Issue/Article
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