Kenya Environment and Science Journalists Association (KENJSA)

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In: The Drum Beat #591
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Kenya Environment and Science Journalists Association (KENSJA) Submitted by aventh on August 24, 2009 - 5:41am Initiated in February 2007, the Kenya Environment and Science Journalists Association (KENSJA) is a non-political, professional body for environmental and science journalists and communicators in Kenya. The project 's goals are to improve the quality of environmental and science reporting, promote standards, and support environmental and science journalists in Kenya. The organisation believes that in doing so, KENSJA can act as a bridge between science, scientists, policymakers, and the public. KENSJA seeks to achieve its objectives through an online information sharing platform, advocacy, and creation of opportunities for networking. Communication Strategies: According to KENSJA, the organisation strives to give environment and science journalists and communicators a platform for professional development, as well as local and international networking opportunities. Through the KENSJA website, members can find and share information about such issues as the effects of climate change, new emerging health issues, and new technologies. The website also offers tips for journalists on reporting on environmental and science stories. Overall, KENSJA works to: * give science journalists a platform for sharing and setting standards for bringing to the readers and listeners well-researched and simplified stories concerning science; * enable journalists to gain more knowledge through mentorship and fellowships; * help mainstream science issues in the mainstream media; * help educate the public on matters that are not given airtime but that touch their daily lives; * train and mentor future science journalists; * host talks on crucial debates in Kenya; * promote science journalism; * help journalists share ideas and to jointly decide on story angles; and * put science journalism on the map in order to help inform the public about the science world. KENSJA also publishes a newsletter called KENSJA News; organises congresses, symposiums, and workshops; and maintains a list of contacts of journalists. Development Issues: Environment, Media Development, Science Key Points: KENSJA was created in February 2007 in Nairobi by journalists who were attending the Commonwealth Press Union (CPU) Environmental Reporting Training Course that ran from January 29-February 2 under John Vidal, The Guardian [United Kingdom] Environment Editor. It was founded as a result of the realisation that journalists practicing in the two areas had no platform where they could share and talk about their own developments as journalists and also to promote environment and science journalism in the country, and beyond.
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In: The Drum Beat #591
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Grassland Society of Southern Africa

The Grassland Society of Southern Africa (GSSA) is involved and concerned with the science and practice of range and pasture management. This broad field involves primarily the use and conservation of natural resources. It encompasses applied fields such as livestock production, wildlife management, nature conservation, water catchment management and range and mine-dump rehabilitation. The disciplines include, amongst others, ecology, botany zoology, range and pasture science, animal science, soil science and genetics. This collection includes journal articles from the African Journal of Range and Forage Science as well as related articles and reports from throughout the Southern African region.