Acacia Peuce: A Case Study In Co-Operative Management

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Bloomfield, R.
Bloomfield, J.
Markham, A.
Heywood, M.
Bowland, A.E.
Australian Rangeland Society
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This paper discusses co-operative efforts between Andado pastoralists and the Parks & WildlifeService of the Northern Territory to fence and protect Acacia peuce (Waddy- wood), a relict species ofdesert tree classified as endangered (IUCN 2001). Issues, problems, and most importantly, the solutions are examined during this process for both the pastoralists and PWSNT. This case study may serve as a guide for similar projects in the future.
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13th Biennial Conference of the Australian Rangeland Society, Alice Springs
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Monday, July 5, 2004
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Conference Paper
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Use this form to cite paper: Anderson, L., van Klinken,R.D.,and Shepherd, D. (2008). Aerially surveying Mesquite (Prosopis spp.) in the Pilbara. In: ‘A Climate of Change in the Rangelands. Proceedings of the 15thAustralian Rangeland Society Biennial Conference’. (Ed. D. Orr) 4 pages. (Australian Rangeland Society: Australia)
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