Trampling effects from short-duration grazing on tobosa-grass range.

Weigel, J.R.
Britton, C.M.
McPherson, G.R.
Rangeland Ecology & Management / Journal of Range Management Archives
Publication Year: 
Emergence of broadcast-seeded kleingrass (Panicum coloratum L. 'Selection 75') was compared for 2 seasons in short-duration grazed (SDG) areas and ungrazed exclosures in the Texas Rolling Plains in order to test the hypothesis that short duration grazing (SDG) increases seedling emergence. Kleingrass emergence was similar between treatments in both years. Emergence was unrelated to percent foliar cover of preexisting vegetation. Soil strength was greater in grazed areas in both years, but showed evidence of recovery between years. Trampling under short-duration grazing provided no beneficial effect on kleingrass emergence or soil strength in either year.
Document Type: 
Journal Issue/Article
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