Rangeland management under uncertainty: a conceptual approach.

Batabyal, A.A.
Godfrey, E.B.
Rangeland Ecology & Management / Journal of Range Management Archives
Publication Year: 
A conceptual approach is commonly needed to provide guidance for developing new strategies concerning the use and management of renewable resources such as rangelands. The theoretical model constructed in this paper captures the essential aspects of dynamic and stochastic issues associated with the management of rangelands. We discuss the connections between the model and range policy. Specifically, we point out scenarios in which there is a limited role for policy. This is compared to scenarios when policy has a significant role to play in ensuring the sustainable use of rangelands. Finally, we suggest 2 ways in which our approach might be extended and used in a practical application.DOI:10.2458/azu_jrm_v55i1_batabyal
Document Type: 
Journal Issue/Article
Society for Range Management

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