Forage value of native and introduced browse species in Tanzania.

Msangi, R.B.R.
Hardesty, L.H.
Rangeland Ecology & Management / Journal of Range Management Archives
Publication Year: 
The nutritional value of Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit was compared with that of 3 browse species native to western Tanzania: Antidesma venosum Mey. & Tul., Margaritaria discoides Baill., and Phyllanthus reticulatus Lodd. Foliage samples were collected monthly throughout the dry season from replicated sites on 3 different soil types and analyzed for crude protein, total ash, and in vitro dry matter digestibility. The crude protein content of L. leucocephata (17.60-29.69%) was higher (P
Document Type: 
Journal Issue/Article
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