Value of University of Arizona Cooperative Extension’s Involvement in Immediate Post-Wallow Fire Grazing Recovery

Duval, Dari
George Ruyle
Dyess, Judith
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ)
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The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension participated in cooperative efforts to monitor rangeland recovery and assess forage availability after the Wallow Fire that provided critical information supporting the Forest Service’s decision to allow grazing to resume on allotments earlier than originally anticipated. Enhancement and use of the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Vegetation GIS Data System software allowed Forest Service and University personnel to quickly record and analyze ecological data. This ecological data was important to determining the response of vegetation to provide forage for livestock and wildlife. Estimates of benefits to ranchers from earlier resumption of grazing on their allotments range from $12,241 to $52,835 per allotment. Estimates of total rancher benefits range from $477,410 to $2,060,577.
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Technical Report
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University of Arizona

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