Drought Consequences for Cow-Calf Production in Wyoming: 2011—2014

Scasta, John D.
Windh, Jessica L.
Smith, Travis
Baumgartner, Bob
Society for Range Management
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On the Ground• Drought reduces forage quantity and carryingcapacity, but reductions in cow-calf performancemeasured by calf average daily gain (ADG) andweaning weight (WW) are less understood.• From 2011 to 2014, a period with very dry and verywet years, we assessed an adjusted 210 day WWand ADG for a total of 869 calves on two Universityof Wyoming ranches.• We foundWWwas up to 99 pounds (lb) lower, andADG was up to 0.47 lb lower between the driestand wettest years.• For each one inch reduction in precipitation, WWare predicted to be 7 lb to 14 lb lower, ADG isexpected to be 0.03 lb to 0.07 lb lower, and dollarper head values $12 to $27 lower, depending oncalf sex and ranch location.• If drought occurs, or continues to escalate infrequency and severity, WW reductions, ADGreductions, and value per head reductions shouldbe expected and documented for strategic planningand/or compensation programs.Keywords: beef, climate, precipitation, weaningweights, weather.
Document Type: 
Journal Issue/Article
Society for Range Management

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