Jaguar Critical Habitat Designation Causes Concern for Southwestern Ranchers

Svancara, Colleen M.
Lien, Aaron M.
Vanasco, Wendy T.
Lopez-Hoffman, Laura
Bonar, Scott A.
Ruyle, George B.
Society for Range Management
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On the Ground• The designation of jaguar critical habitat in April2014 in southern Arizona and southwestern NewMexico created concern for livestock ranchers inthe region.• We interviewed ranchers to understand their concernswith the jaguar critical habitat designation andtheir attitudes toward jaguars, wildlife conservation,and resource management in general.• Ranchers we interviewed were concerned aboutdirect impacts of designated critical habitat onranching, as well as possible alternative agendas ofcritical habitat advocates and issues specific to theborderlands region.• The ranchers were less concerned about thepresence of jaguars but were more concernedabout possible limiting effects of the EndangeredSpecies Act (ESA), distrust of government entities,and litigious environmental groups.• To maximize effectiveness, government agenciesshouldwork to foster trust in the ranching community,be cognizant of sensitive issues specific to the regionthat may challenge endangered species conservationgoals, recognize the opportunity to work withranchers for endangered species management, andprovide outreach about implications of the ESA.Keywords: attitudes, concerns, Endangered SpeciesAct, endangered species management, humandimensions, jaguar critical habitat, key informantinterview, southwest, wildlife conservation.
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Journal Issue/Article
Society for Range Management

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