National Assessment and Critiques of State-and-Transition Models: The Baby with the Bathwater

Bestelmeyer, Brandon T.
Society for Range Management
Publication Year: 
On the Ground• Ecological site descriptions and state-and-transitionmodels are national-level tools for organizing anddelivering information about landscape dynamicsand management.• Recent papers criticized state-and-transition modelsbecause they overemphasize grazing, are inconsistentlypresented, and do not address climate change.• I argue that the analysis of Twidwell et al. does notsupport an overemphasis on grazing, that inconsistentpresentation is a necessary consequence of earlymodel development efforts and immature scienceconcepts, and that climate change effects should notbe addressed in site-level models without evidence.• Improving these important tools requires fair critique, butalso the strong commitment of scientists and funders.Keywords: ecological site descriptions, regime shifts,grazing, thresholds, climate change.
Document Type: 
Journal Issue/Article
Society for Range Management

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