Impacts of Kentucky bluegrass Invasion (Poa pratensis L.) on Ecological Processes in the Northern Great Plains

Printz, Jeffrey L.
Hendrickson, John R.
Society for Range Management
Publication Year: 
On the GroundFor every complex problem there is an answer that isclear, simple, and wrong—H. L. Mencken• Ecological impacts of Kentucky bluegrass invasionhave gone unrecognized by land managers andresearchers alike.• Current management practices have contributed toincreases in Kentucky bluegrass abundance.• Invaded areas have altered the ecological processesof net primary productivity, hydrology, nutrientcycling, and species composition.• Increased understanding of ecological processesand feedback mechanisms of invaded areas willallow managers to develop appropriate adaptivemanagement strategies.Keywords: invasion, Kentucky bluegrass, northernGreat Plains, ecological impacts, invasion.
Document Type: 
Journal Issue/Article
Society for Range Management

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