Forbs and Greater Sage-grouse Habitat Restoration Efforts: Suggestions for Improving Commercial Seed Availability and Restoration Practices

Curran, Michael F.
Crow, Taylor M.
Hufford, Kristina M.
Stahl, Peter D.
Society for Range Management
Publication Year: 
On the Ground:• Greater sage-grouse are the species of concern inthe largest conservation effort in US history andhave populations spanning 11 western states.Restoration of sage-grouse habitat will assistthese conservation efforts.• It is known that forbs are critical to sage-grousediets, but only isolated studies have measured forbsin the diet at a species- or genera-specific leveland little is known about sage-grouse preferenceto forbs.• Research has shown that local seed sources promotesuccessful reestablishment of vegetation communities,although commercial seed sources for forbspecies used in sage-grouse diet often are lacking.• We make suggestions for selecting forb species andimproving seed sources for sage-grouse conservation.Keywords: sage-grouse conservation, seed sourceavailability, restoration ecology, sage-grouse diet, sagegrousehabitat restoration, Native Seed Network.
Document Type: 
Journal Issue/Article
Society for Range Management

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