North Rim Ranches Climate Adaptation Plan

Grand Canyon Trust
Grand Canyon Trust
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The Southwest is considered to be one of the most “climate-challenged” landscapes in the United States (Garfin et al. 2013) and the Colorado Plateau will not be exempt from the impacts of a changing climate. Through the 21st century, the Colorado Plateau is projected to experience hotter temperatures, increased aridity and precipitation variability, and more severe droughts (Seager et al. 2007; Garfin et al. 2013; Cook et al. 2015). Projected climate changes will interact with existing land uses, and each species and ecosystem will respond in unique ways. Yet the extent, timing, and interactions of regional climate impacts are complex and not fully understood. This complexity presents a challenge for those who are working to reduce climate change impacts and to support the ability of species and ecosystems to adapt to change. Taking action based on proactive planning can promote landscape resilience and reduce the impacts from climate change.
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Technical Report
University of Arizona

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