TACCIMO: Template for Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Management Options

Steve McNulty, Chris Liggett, Emrys Treasure, Jennifer Moore Myers, John Cobb, Sarah Wiener, Lisa Jennings, Rob Herring, David Meriwether, Paul Arndt, Nancy Grulke, Lisa Balduman, and Bruce Goines
Eastern Forest and Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment Center and the National Forest System
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To connect users with climate change science related to forest planning needs. Users can filter a database of scientific evidence that identifies possible effects of climate change on forest ecosystems (along with agriculture, rangeland, and livestock, in development) and management options for dealing with those effects. Additionally, an email notification service, SERCH LIGHTS, alerts users when climate conditions may threaten resources near their geographic area(s) of interest.
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University of Arizona

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