Fatur, Mohammed F.
Society for Range Management
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The importance of rangeland basically comes from its environmental, economic and social importance. The secession of Sudan into two countries has remarkably reduced rangelands areas and shortened mobility of livestock, while arid and semi-arid lands increased as a percentage of total country area. This situation makes the country more affected by climate change as rain-fed subsistence farming and livestock rearing are the main livelihood means for the majority of rural communities. This means that more than 70% of Sudan's population depends directly on resources that are climate sensitive. Estimated area of ??rangelands in the country, is close to 68.6 million hectares, supporting livestock estimated as 107 million head. Impacts of the climate change on rangeland include Land degradation resulting from imbalanced utilization levels linked with the condition of people displacement. The impact of deterioration of vegetation cover has led to low ability of range to accommodate the number of animals. Preparation of review on Effect of Climate Change on Rangeland in Sudan, is rather important because the information available are scattered or with gaps that need to be addressed and will help to identify important research directions. This will also contribute to identifying and explaining justification for strategies to be adopted in relation to handling climate change related issues along differed mitigation and adaptation options and will inform research directions. Key words: Climate Change, Rangeland, Pastoralism
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SRM Reno, NV
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Wednesday, January 31, 2018
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Conference Proceedings
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