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The Humboldt River Basin is the largest river basin that falls entirely within the state of Nevada (16,000 square miles).� Numerous Federal, State and private entities have management and/or regulatory authority within the basin.� Due to varied ownership patterns and regulatory authorities, management within the Humboldt River Basin is subject to numerous and often competing interests. There is a long history of human use and dependence upon the River and its resources. Natural and historic modifications to the river and tributaries continue to cause changes upstream and downstream. Conflict arises over issues such as water rights, invasive and native species, water quantity, quality, and timing, interdependent public and private land management, access/recreation, ecological degradation and opportunities/priorities for restoration or enhancement. In 2017 a diverse group of stakeholders within the basin decided to initiate a collaborative effort - the Humboldt River Basin Network (HRBN). The HRBN is sponsored by the State Conservation Commission and their mission is to create a voluntary, open group looking for community-based solutions where and if needed, in the Humboldt River Basin, to foster greater ecological, economic and social resilience. The HRBN decided that a basin-wide Situation Assessment is the logical first step in designing an effort focused on bringing stakeholders together. The purpose is to meet face-to-face with individual community members and stakeholders to better understand their perspectives on the situation regarding the Humboldt River Basin, to learn about concerns/challenges and potential opportunities, and get suggestions on if/how the HRBN should move forward with active engagement of stakeholders.�This presentation will provide an overview of the HRBN, the situation assessment process and findings, and potential next steps.
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SRM Reno, NV
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Wednesday, January 31, 2018
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Conference Proceedings
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