Strankman, Peg L.
Society for Range Management
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Abstract: The Managing Species at Risk - Policies and Tools workshop was sponsored by Environment and Climate Change Canada to discuss current knowledge and management of species at risk (SAR) on the Canadian Prairies. The workshop focused on two broad areas.� One addressed the opportunities in developing sustainable approaches to managing species at risk (SAR) and their needs.� This included presentations on the use of tools such as modifying range health assessments, developing beneficial management practices and taking an ecosystem/multi-species approach. The use of citizen science was also explored. The second area focused on the use of policies to lower the risk for ranchers protecting SAR habitat through conservation/management agreements, incentives such as payment for ecological services and providing additional management information through existing agricultural programs such as the provincial environmental farm plans (EFP). The following is a summary of themes found in the presentations and discussions following the workshop. This presentation will elaborate on the project approaches and themes. Primary themes: One size does not fit all. Respect the individuality of each agricultural operation. Take a multiple species approach. Getting more information into hands of producers is a good thing. Make the programs voluntary. Management changes are sometimes minimal cost. Economic viability of the operation must be considered. Consistent long-term funding is necessary to make the programs operational. Strong participation from agricultural organizations is important. The first seven presentations featured projects currently underway under the Species at Risk Partnerships on Agricultural Lands (SARPAL) fund of Environment and Climate Change Canada. The SARPAL initiative is intended to promote voluntary (i.e. non-regulatory) protection of individuals, residences, and/or critical habitat located on commercial agricultural lands, through a partnership approach.
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SRM Reno, NV
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Wednesday, January 31, 2018
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Conference Proceedings
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