Soil Health Principles Part 1 – The Nature and Properties of Soils

Voth, Kathy
On Pasture
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In the fall of 2013, film maker Robin “Buz” Kloot, teamed up with the Natural Resources Conservation Service on a project to share the important role soil plays in all our lives. He began with a cross-country trek to interview some of the nation’s leading researchers and experts on soil health. Over the next three years, Buz, a Research Associate Professor at the Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina, took what he’d learned, and put it all into a series of short videos that break a very complex subject into easy to understand segments. We’ve shared a number of them with the On Pasture community in the past.
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On Pasture: Tuesday November 19th, 2019. Videos are embedded in the article.
University of Arizona

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