Accomplishments 2012-2016


This table provides documentation of RREA-supported programming achievements for the years 2012-2016

Summary of Quantitative Indicators Compiled by RREA (data provided by USDA NIFA RREA).

Number of educational events conducts

Number of private landowners, managers, and public land users who implemented or adopted a new practice or management program

Number of direct and indirect contacts who increased awareness or knowledge

Number of forest and rangeland acres impacted





Number of new jobs created

Number of new forest, rangeland, or fish and wildlife income generating businesses created or expanded

Estimated number of dollars earned or saved by forest, rangeland, fish and wildlife income generating business



2012-2016 Total


Annual Average






Supported By

This work is supported by the Renewable Resources Extension Act Program [grant no. USDA-NIFA–EXCA-005457] from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

United States Department of Agriculture
The project to update the 2012-2016 RREA Strategic Plan was awarded to The Rangelands Partnership in 2016.