Survey Results 2017

Survey Results 2017

To understand changing trends in Extension activities and priorities, a national survey was created and distributed in the Spring of 2017 to Natural Resource Extension professionals and RREA program leaders, particularly those working in the area of private and public forests and rangelands. The survey was distributed to approximately 430 people with 238 responses received (response rate of 55%). The project team met in Logan, Utah in May 2017 to analyze and catagorize survey responses.  These results determined the nine areas of interest in the new SP including: landowner engagement, public awareness, intergenerational transfer, ecosystem services, invasive species, wildlife habitat and management, water and wetlands, wildfire, and rural economics. The survey also revealed information about current and future trends in program evaluation, the use of technology within programs, and teaching approaches and methods.

The following resources include a PowerPoint overview of the raw data that was presented at the 2017 Rangelands Partnership annual meeting, and the Survey Results pdf provides charts of summarized data for each question included in the survey.




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This work is supported by the Renewable Resources Extension Act Program [grant no. USDA-NIFA–EXCA-005457] from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

United States Department of Agriculture
The project to update the 2012-2016 RREA Strategic Plan was awarded to The Rangelands Partnership in 2016.