Engaging Local Communities to Restore Fire-Adapted Ecosystems

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Apr 23 2020 - 1:00pm

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Nationwide, the frequency and scale of catastrophic wildfires are growing at alarming rates, challenging forest and rangeland managers’ abilities to maintain ecologically resilient landscapes and fire-safe communities. To meet these demands, research and extension professionals are devising interactive and novel programs to engage and build capacity among landowners, agency land managers and decision-makers, environmental non-governmental organizations, and technical service professionals to address ecological, economic, and social dimensions of wildland and prescribed fire.


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This webinar will highlight:

  • Lenya Quinn-Davidson, Area Fire Extension Advisor, University of California Cooperative Extension
  • Derek Scasta, Rangeland Extension Specialist, Assistant Professor of Rangeland Management, University of Wyoming
  • Jennifer Fawcett, Extension Associate, North Carolina State University Extension   



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Thank you once again to the panelists for their excellent presentations! I will post follow-up questions here that we couldn't get to during the webinar.

Q from webinar: Thinking about training, sharing fire experience, networking... How about engagement with Fire Learning Networks, are there active FLNs in these areas? From what I've heard, interested landowners are welcome to attend the annual workshops and get to know the various partners. Is there a cache or catalog of online or digital training resources for burning?

Q from webinar: Wonder if you could all chat about balancing the "hands-on" element of training while stressing safety in the context of no-mex clothing and equipment. Should an Extension program have a set of helmets and shirts before we conduct a workshop to let landowners use a driptorch?

Q from webinar: Jennifer, can you please post the details about the webinar again

Southern Fire Exchange webinar on Leran & Burns: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-8lw2ccxeQ

Q from webinar: I'm in CA and helping to form a PBA in Butte Co. I would like to develop a "learning module" for our volunteers to go through to learn about Rx Fire including fire behavior etc similar to the Federal module for getting Type II qual. I love the EFire site, can the experts rec'd any more web sites that I can list out for our people to review for learning/training purposes? Also, I secured a small award to start building up our Community Resiliency Gear Cache for future burning, are there any organizations aside from Fire Adapted Communities that can be approached for less than 5K awards/grants/etc??

Q from webinar: Lenya, you talk about the PBA model. Is that a model CA developed or is there a national PBA model? What is the 'model' exactly?

Q from webinar: What are some good resources for basic education on prescribed burns?

Related Q from webinar: What are some resources for young learners; and successful practices for teaching them about prescribed fires.

Q from webinar: How do you address potential air pollution impacts of PBs?

Related Q from webinar: A slide highlighted health risks from wildfire smoke, but rx burns don't eliminate wildfires so aren't you simply increasing smoke by lighting them?

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