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Financial and Planning Tools

  • Ag In Transition: AgTransitions helps farmers & ranchers develop a plan to transition their business to the next generation.  
  • AgPlan: AgPlan helps rural business owners develop a business plan  
  • Ag Tools: The mission for AgTools is to develop tools and offer information that will provide value to agribusinesses that result in increased profitability and global competitiveness.  
  • Arizona Crop & Livestock Budgets: Arizona Cooperative Extension Publications on AZ Crop and Livestock Budgets and Financial Templates.  
  • Rural Taxes:  This website provides farmers and ranchers, other agricultural producers and Extension educators with a source for agriculturally related income and self-employment tax information that is both current and easy to understand.  
  • Self-taught courses on insurance: The Ag Survivor simulation program is a software tool developed by the RightRisk Education Team to teach risk concepts and management strategies to agricultural producers in an experiential learning environment. This educational program lets producers test firsthand whether they are better off implementing newly learned risk management tools and strategies, like the SRMP.  
  • USDA Risk Management Agency: Insurance programs for pasture, rangeland, and forage (PRF) utilizing various indexing systems to determine crop condition.  
  • Western Center for Risk Management Education: Helping farm and ranch families to improve their ability to manage the financial risks associated with farming and ranching.  

Management Tools and Information

  • A New Look at the Agricultural Community as Extension Clientele in the West : This report presents the preliminary results of a statistically valid 2006 survey of small agricultural producers (sales of less than $50,000) in three Western states (Wyoming, Colorado and Arizona). The West has undergone significant change, and the composition of farm managers has changed with it. This report provides information from farm operators in the rural West on their perceived threats as well as characteristics of themselves and their operations. Topics of interest were demographics, reasons for involvement in agriculture, income, resource management (crops and livestock), and preferences for information delivery. The project was supported by the Western Center for Risk Management Education.  
  • Ag Help Wanted: Guidelines for Managing Agricultural Labor: Ag Help Wanted is designed for use in a variety of ways. It can serve as a reference to help cope with problems that arise, a source of ideas for improving management policies or practices, and a base for systematic study of human resource management in agriculture.  
  • Ag in Uncertain Times: These pages are designed to provide current information to farmers, ranchers and educators about the challenges in today’s agricultural economy. The webinars and tools found here are some of the best currently available.  
  • Arizona Ranchers’ Management Guide: This expanded guide is designed to be an information resource for Arizona ranchers. The guide contains extension-developed information on a wide range of issues related to Arizona ranch management, including information on production, policy, and economic issues.  
  • The Ag Risk Education Library: The National Ag Risk Education Library is a major component of USDA's Risk Management Education (RME) program. The Library organizes thousands of risk management materials which help producers and agricultural professionals quickly locate information, tools, and assistance on specific risk management topics.  
  • The Contribution of the Beef Industry to the Arizona Economy: This is a summary report of The Contribution of the Beef Industry to the Arizona Economy. It includes a beef industry profile for the state of Arizona and as well as for each of Arizona’s 15 counties. These profiles report the contribution of the beef industry to the local economy, a summary of cattle ranching activities in the region, and a determination of whether cattle ranching is part of the region’s economic base.  
  • University of Wyoming Department of Agriculture and Applied Economics
  • Western Farm Management Extension Committee: The Western Farm Management Extension Committee is an organization of Extension Economists from      the 13 western states, Guam and other Pacific Islands supported by Cooperative Extension Service Directors in the western region and the Farm Foundation.


  •  Local Fresh Info: The Local Fresh is a collaborative effort between public and private partners with a desire to help producers in the Southwest connect with local consumers that wish to directly buy their farm products or attend farm related events.  
  • Trade Adjustment Assistance for Farmers - Direct Marketing: TAA for Farmers Online Training website, requires login to access training on transition planning for your business and business plans.  
  • Value Added Agriculture: This web site is focused on helping producers that are looking for ways to differentiate their product so that they can receive higher prices, obtain better market access, and experience less volatile price swings. We hope that the curriculum and resources on this site will assist you in identifying, selecting, managing, monitoring, and growing agricultural enterprises that increase value-added on farms and ranches.  
  • Livestock Marketing Information Center: This web site provides up to date market information and outlooks for Cattle, Sheep, Swine, Dairy and Grain