Welcome to Idaho Rangelands!

Rangelands cover just over half of Idaho (28 million acres) and provide many goods and services including livestock forage, wildlife habitat, water, and outdoor recreation.

These iconic western landscapes influence the lives and livelihoods of nearly all Idahoans because 90% of Idaho citizens live amidst rangelands or in areas that were rangeland prior to cultivation and development.

The economy of Idaho depends heavily on rangelands for domestic livestock forage which supports the rural lifestyle that is so much a part of being an Idahoan and key to the survival of the many small rural communities scattered throughout the state's wide open expanses of rangeland. 

Idaho's rangelands are scenic and vast, undulating across incredible canyonlands, riverplains, and mountain foothills. The types of vegetation across these landscapes varies widely depending on the soils beneath, weather patterns, elevation, and topography. Idaho's rangelands include prairies, sagebrush-steppe, cold desert shrublands, juniper woodlands, aspen savannahs, mountain meadows, and streamside riparian communities.