Restoration Ecology


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Reseeding Marginal Cropland to Perennial Grasses, Forbs, and Legumes 
This fact sheet was designed to acquaint land managers with options relative to establishing and managing permanent vegetative cover on marginal cropland.  
Source = OSU NREM-2581
Eastern Redcedar Control and Management - Best Management Practices to Restore Oklahoma's Ecosystems 
This fact sheet discusses the best methods to control Eastern Redcedar.  
Source = OSU NREM-2876
Reclaiming Slick-Spots and Salty Soils 
This fact sheet discusses "problem" soils, soils that are either too salty or too alkali, and the steps to improve the quality of the soil.  
Source = OSU E-2226
Fire Prescriptions for Maintenance and Restoration of Native Plant Communities 
This fact sheet describes how to develop a fire prescription to meet a land management objective. 
Source = OSU 
Using Prescribed Fire in Oklahoma 
This circular contains an overview of using prescribed fire in Oklahoma, types of prescribed fires, and a fire plan worksheet.  
Source =OSU 
Landscape structure and change in a hardwood forest-tall-grass prairie ecotone
This article examines the relationships between changes in land use, vegetation cover types, and landscape structure between 1966 and 1990 in northern Oklahoma.  
Source J. Range Manage. 50:244-249
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Other Resources


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