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Bobwhite Quail Habitat Evaluation and Management Guide 
This circular is a detailed guide for evaluating and managing land for bobwhite quail. Source = OSU E-904 



Ecology and Management of the Greater Prairie-Chicken 
This circular contains information on the ecology and management of Greater Prairie-Chickens in Oklahoma
 and surrounding areas.  
Source = 
OSU E-969



Ecology and Management of the Lesser Prairie-Chicken 
This circular describes the ecology and management of the Lesser Prairie-Chicken in Oklahoma
 and surrounding areas.  
Source = OSU E-1014



Land use change effects on breeding bird community composition              This Article covers long term effects of human population density on avian species composition.  
Source =  J. Range Manage. 52: 420-430 Sept. 1999
Size 113  
Management of the Wild Turkey in Oklahoma 
This fact sheet discusses the habitat needs for the proper management of the wild turkey.  
Source = OSU NREM-8700
Nest Boxes for Cavity-Nesting Birds in Oklahoma 
This fact sheet includes instructions describing how to build simple boxes for cavity-nesting birds and where to place the boxes for best results.                           Source = OSU NREM-9005 

Botanical composition of bison diets on tallgrass prairie in Oklahoma          This study compares the graminoid and forb components of bison diets in relation to their availability and time of year.                                                                         
Source = J. Range Manage. 51: 379-382

Size: 476k
Controlling Pocket Gophers 
This fact sheet discusses the control of pocket gophers.                                 Source = OSU NREM-9001
Ecology and Management of Deer in Oklahoma 
This fact sheet discussed the ecology and management of deer in 
Source = OSU NREM-9009



Lease Hunting Opportunities for Oklahoma Landowners 
This fact sheet discusses the benefits of leasing land for hunting purposes.  
Source = OSU NREM-5032
White-tailed Deer Habitat Evaluation and Management Guide
This fact sheet discuses habitats favored by white-tailed deer and provides a scoring sheet to rank your rangeland.   
Source = OSU E- 979
    Size 6,159k



Common Ticks of Oklahoma and Tick-Borne Diseases 
This fact sheet describes the life cycles, types, and various diseases caused by the ticks of Oklahoma  
Source = OSU EPP-7001




Grasshopper Management in Rangeland, Pastures, and Crops
This fact sheet discusses grasshopper damage, management, and control in rangeland, pastures, and crops.  
Source = OSU EPP-7196
Nectar and Pollen Plants of Oklahoma 
This fact sheet discusses the major sources of nectar and pollen for beekeepers. Source = OSU EPP-7155



Introduction to the Snakes of Oklahoma 
This fact sheet will introduce you to the biology of some of the snakes of Oklahoma and provides a list of all known species in the state.                                      Source = OSU  NREM-9010
Wildlife in general    

Reducing Mortality of Grassland Wildlife During Haying and Wheat-Harvesting Operations 
This fact sheet discusses the best ways to avoid harming wildlife when cutting hay or harvesting wheat.  
Source = OSU NREM-5006




Other Resources


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