About the Author

Amber Dalke is a Senior Research Specialist in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment at the University of Arizona.  Ms. Dalke is an active member of the Rangelands Partnership and works on the website redesign in addition to maintaining content for the Mexican Gray Wolf Hot Topic.  Outside of the Rangelands Partnership, Ms. Dalke is interested in rangeland ecology and management.  Her primary research topic is evaluating the effects of fire on subalpine montane grasslands in the White Mountains, as well as Madrean evergreen woodlands and semidesert grasslands in the Coronado National Forest in southern Arizona.

Edited by George B. Ruyle (Professor, University of Arizona) and Brian R. Anderson (University of Arizona). Additional input provided by Michael Borman (Associate Department Head, Oregon State University), Amy Ganguli (Assistant Professor, New Mexico State University), Cody Sheehy (University of Arizona), Andrew Caven (M.S., Washington State University), and Ashley Hall (Research Specialist, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension).